Victoria: West Coast Waffles


One more mini pre-race food adventure. A few of us were planning on spending a few days after racing in Vancouver, both to explore the outdoors and to EAT so I’d done ample research on food spots to hit up. As for Victoria, I ran more on recommendations, West Coast Waffles being one of them. As I fully trust this friend, we didn’t look any further into this spot other than its address. Yay surprise time!

Victoria: Sushi Matsuri


The end of summer was both beyond stressful and a blast. Instead of the normal food road trip to NYC, I had Canadian Dragonboat Nationals in Victoria. The gluttony had to wait until after competition, but that’s fine. After several days of racing, I’d like to think that we earned the food we gorged on ate…with restraint. After days of eating oatmeal, raw veg and tasteless cereal with skim milk for dinner (not gonna lie, I didn’t mind it that much but still), it was nice to finally be able to check out all the places we had on our spreadsheet.


Lemon Granita


My all-time favourite (dessert) flavour: lemon. I can’t get enough of it! In fact, I’m eating Liberté lemon yogourt as I’m typing this. One of my friends once told me that you’re either a chocolate or a lemon person (is that true?)—I’m a lemon person all the way!! Gimme a cup of lemon juice, ooh yes. Nah, I’m kidding. I’m not that hardcore but there’s just something about its scent filling the room when you zest or juice a lemon that instantly makes me happy.


Home of the Brave

A few days before I left for Victoria, a new restaurant on King West opened: Home of the Brave (@theHOTB)! From the same guys behind La Carnita (@la_carnita), the concept this time is all-American goodness. Taking over the space above Lou Dawgs, HOTB is that chill space you want to dine at where the food and drinks are seriously good but they’ve still got a sense of humour about it all.


Canoe: Taste Berry

From the Oxford dictionary, canoe /kəˈnuː/: noun. A light, narrow boat with pointed ends and no keel, propelled with a paddle or paddles. Now in my personal food dictionary, canoe: restaurant. Incredible, top-notch restaurant from the Oliver & Bonacini group located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower with Chef John Horne and Chef Anthony Walsh in the kitchen serving Canadiana cuisine. A must go.