Victoria: Sushi Matsuri


The end of summer was both beyond stressful and a blast. Instead of the normal food road trip to NYC, I had Canadian Dragonboat Nationals in Victoria. The gluttony had to wait until after competition, but that’s fine. After several days of racing, I’d like to think that we earned the food we gorged on ate…with restraint. After days of eating oatmeal, raw veg and tasteless cereal with skim milk for dinner (not gonna lie, I didn’t mind it that much but still), it was nice to finally be able to check out all the places we had on our spreadsheet.

Sushi Matsuri
239 Menzies St.
Victoria, BC

Reservations: (250) 590-8110 (order takeout to avoid waiting for a table)
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 2pm-9pm (not fully confident of these hours, fuzzy memory sorry!)

(P.S. the restaurant list spreadsheet was for Vancouver & Victoria. If you have further recommendations or want a copy of it, shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to share!) :D

Here are a couple of photos from the adventure that was our trek to Victoria. A few of us broke off from the main group in favour of a cheaper flight. This translated into waking up at 4am, flying to Vancouver, skytrain, ferry (this was a beautiful ride!), bus and a final short walk to our hotel. A ridiculous 15-hour day of travelling.   
Top deck of the (giant!) ferry gives you an amazing view. ($17ish one way for 2 hour ferry)

We decided to play it safe and very restrained as far as food adventures go up until competition days. We’ve been hearing all about the great sashimi so time to scope out a solid but affordable sushi shop on the island! 
The back of city hall is just as beautiful as the front.

LOCAL wild sockeye salmon. Awesome. Another bonus was that you can have real crab meat in your sushi! None of that bright red and white imitation stuff. Sushi Matsuri is not a big space so it was a bit of a wait during lunch. A lot of people ordered take-out instead.  

These weren’t overly special come to think of it. These were two different types of rolls that ended up looking really similar. I guess it’s not very encouraging when you don’t even remember what they were. Also, don’t think we got the real crab meat we requested.

My friend got this Sashimi Bento ($11.95). Check out the salmon!! Ahh check out the tuna, so pretty. Jess raved about it so much that we ended up getting an order of salmon & tuna sashimi.

Teriyaki Bento ($7.95). Originally, I wanted to stay away from raw fish just in case. While I’m sure nothing would happen, I didn’t want to run the risk of getting sick before competition. Oh salmon teriyaki, why are you so small?!

Tuna & Salmon Sashimi ($11.95). But just look at this! How can you deny eating this?! It was melt in your mouth good. :D 
On the way to Sushi Matsuri, we passed by Discovery CafĂ© (turns out it’s sort of a chain, but the coffee was noteworthy!) where we drooled all over the display case of doughnuts. Unfortunately, they had to wait until after racing…and we never did get to try any since they were sold out the day we biked over.

Verdict: The here sashimi is SOLID and really affordable. In Toronto, at the “lower” price sushi restaurants, sashimi cannot compare to this, not by a long shot. We all agreed that we’d come back just for the tuna sashimi. So buttery good. Great service, they split the bill for the sashimi without any fuss.

3.5 out of 5 NOMs
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