Victoria: West Coast Waffles


One more mini pre-race food adventure. A few of us were planning on spending a few days after racing in Vancouver, both to explore the outdoors and to EAT so I’d done ample research on food spots to hit up. As for Victoria, I ran more on recommendations, West Coast Waffles being one of them. As I fully trust this friend, we didn’t look any further into this spot other than its address. Yay surprise time!

1235 Broad St.
Victoria, BC

Reservations/Contact: (250) 590-3400 // info@westcoastwaffles.ca (they’re a waffle shop so I can’t imagine you needing reservations)
Hours: Mon-Wed 9am-8pm, Thurs-Fri 9am-2:30am, Sat 8:30am-2:30am, Sun 8:30am-5pm

When we entered the shop, it was empty. Not the best sign. The lack of lighting didn’t help with the oh-so-inviting atmosphere either. Before we could contemplate leaving, the people working there greeted us. There’s no going back now! 

I was mentally crossing my fingers that this place would be delicious. I mean it ain’t that hard to make a good waffle right? Don’t jinx it Carmen…knock on wood.

We couldn’t possibly rationalize eating waffles with a mound of ice cream or whipped cream atop it so we chose the healthiest options possible. 

I loved that you can really personalize your waffle—right down to the batter. If you’re indecisive, there are the “Local Favourites” that you can choose from. STRAWBERRY LEMON!

We ended up ordering a Buckwheat waffle with blackerries baked in and strawberries on top, topped with plain yogurt (I see this as a sacrifice of flavour haha, somehow we said no to whipped cream AND froyo) and drizzled with their maplapple syrup. 

It was pretty sizable so sharing it was easy. The maplapple syrup was GOOD. Maple syrup + apple is a naturally good combination so in sauce form, they didn’t go wrong either. Also, they’re open late night Thursday to Saturday so they’re definitely prepared to satisfy your waffle cravings.

Verdict: Despite an empty shop, the two people working there were really cheery and helpful. The waffle itself was obviously fresh as they’re made to order and exactly as one should be—crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Loved that they have the option of baking in the “toppings”. An improvement from the regular “fruits-on-a-Belgian-style-waffle-offering” that you see so often. We left wanting to come back for more! P.S. They've got savoury waffles as well!

4 out of 5 NOMs
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