Richmond Station

It finally happened!! Finally, being dining at Richmond Station. I’ve been wanting to go to (Top Chef season 2 winner) Chef Carl Heinrich & partner/butcher Ryan Donovan’s restaurant ever since they opened last year! Dun dun dun that day night has come!! Here are some photos and a bit of story about the meal I had there.


Victoria: Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar

 Racing in Victoria has just finished and we were ready to chow down on some oysters! I’d been looking forward to being able to try some of the fresh seafood for almost a week now. I didn’t know where to go for oysters but supposedly, Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar is a good bet. Thanks to a few teammates, reservations were made and we just had to show up. Perfect!


Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium #AKS


A couple of Sundays ago, a few hundred people gathered inside the MOD club during the day. There was good food, celeb chefs, a member of Rush and many hungry individuals brought together by a great cause and love of food. So what was all this for? Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium that’s what!