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It finally happened!! Finally, being dining at Richmond Station. I’ve been wanting to go to (Top Chef season 2 winner) Chef Carl Heinrich & partner/butcher Ryan Donovan’s restaurant ever since they opened last year! Dun dun dun that day night has come!! Here are some photos and a bit of story about the meal I had there.

1 Richmond St. W
Financial District
Toronto, ON

Reservations (recommended): 647 748 1444 / on their site / reservations@richmondstation.ca (for bigger groups)
Transit: 3-min walk from Queens Station (also close to King and Osgoode subway stations)
Hours: Mon – Fri (11:30am-10:30pm), Sat (5pm-10:30pm)  
**they do a weekday lunch prix-fixe menu. Great deal!

A couple of weeks before we came, there was an event, a festival over the weekend that you may or may not have heard of, The 2013 AwesTRUCK Food Truck Festival/Awards! If you braved the rain and came out, you were rewarded with just-filled churros (its oozy goodness was irresistible), cleverly named deep fried rice balls, fresh pasta, cold beer, baos, cupcakes and so much more. Not to mention my favourite dish that day, the octopus from El Gastronomo Vagabundo!! By the way, it wasn’t just me, A LOT of people were raving about it. 

So what does awesTRUCK have to do with this night? This was the volunteer appreciation dinner that organizers Suresh Doss and Frank Kocis “threw” to celebrate a successful(ly run) event! :D
Besides their regular menu, they have a lot of specials too!

Dining room in the back of the restaurant. Perfect place to have a birthday gathering of friends?! I think YES. It’s so cozy and you get a pretty sweet view too (behind the glass, hanging meat!). 

The awesome hosts that Suresh and Frank are, all we had to do was arrive, sit down, and enjoy the food that was to come. It took a bit of time for food to finally come out of the kitchen, but it’s understandable considering we were a party of almost 20. I was skeptical about pulling my camera out at this point for fear of my hangry table-mates. Everyone was nice enough to let me snap a few photos before we all dug in though, so thank you! :D
View of the kitchen. 5 points to the first person to spot my shoddy ps job! :(

Charcuterie time! All made in-house I believe. What arrives at your table takes months, even years of work to make. I appreciate. My belly appreciates haha. Pickled shallots and grainy mustard, nice touches. 

Goat cheese? I need to start jotting notes down when servers describe dishes to me. In the moment, I’m nodding my head like some eager beaver, I’m totally understanding everything they’re saying! Then minutes later, I’ll forget what they said. :( Brain’s fried. Need more sleep and…sustenance. Onwards to more food!

Polenta Fries. Oh the famous polenta fries. For the first few months after opening, I kept hearing about these and how good they were! A nice change from the regular potato fry that we’re used to. 

Corn and Chili Tostadas – corn relish, queso fresco, salsa roja. I’m pretty sure this is what the dish was? 

Quinoa salad. According to their menu, “soybean hummus, radish, sunflower seeds, red wine vinaigrette”. This was so fresh, so texturally satisfying and just great in general. One of the highlights of the meal for me! :D

Gillian’s Green Salad – whipped ricotta, radicchio, croutons, walnuts. Also refreshing!

RIBS! So glad that the side (a sort of greens + corn salad) was a light one. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mash and carbs, but the crispness of the salad was a welcome substitute. We were all getting full at this point too. 

A combination of some of their mains. You’ve got halibut and jerk chicken on the same plate. YUM.  

Oh yeah. As if we weren’t spoiled enough, this arrived. The über popular Stn. Burger! Very similar to Carl’s other burger from when he worked at Marben. Look at the doneness of that patty! Because they only bring in whole animals that they butcher themselves, you can fully trust them when it comes to anything meat-related. Mad juicy. 

To top it all off, dessert! I can’t be 100% sure, but this felt like the fancy, plated version of the creamsicle we had at Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium the day before. It was so good! Beautifully composed plate in that you don’t just get the popsicle, you can roll it around in the hazelnuts, the chocolate, the apple sauce(?). Just perfect. 

Again, thanks Frank and Suresh for the dinner!! You guys could’ve just sent me a “hey, thanks for volunteering!” email and I’d be happy. I mean, after all, I WANTED to help out haha. Instead, you guys had this awesome dinner. ^_^ 
Verdict: I’m coming back as soon as midterms are over. A friend and I are talking about coming here for a “dessert dinner” where we order all the desserts and just have that. It’ll be hard though to resist all the apps and mains so maybe it’ll end up just being a dessert-centric meal. Can’t wait!

Check ‘em out! http://richmondstation.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. I love all of your pictures! Those creamsicles are certainly presented in such a unique fashion - all of the dishes you ordered looks fantastic, I want to try this place!

  2. Thanks Alice! We didn't even order it, our friends did all the ordering. :D You should definitely try Richmond Station, real good stuff.