Victoria: Blue Fox Café

BRUNCH. The meal that I use as an excuse to indulge in my favourite breakfast fare that I’d otherwise feel too guilty eating in the early hours of the day. Blue Fox Café is one of THE brunch places to hit up in Victoria. After a relaxing morning of sleeping in, reading, and just overall calm, we were ready to eat.

919 Fort St.
Victoria, B.C.

Reservations: (250) 380-1683 (available for lunch @ 12pm / 1pm or 6+ people in the morning, Mon – Fri only)
Transit: 10-min walk from downtown “core”
Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30am-4pm, Sat – Sun 8am-3pm 
We arrive at noon and were greeted to a 45-min wait. Our group quickly shrunk down to four as the others let their hunger guide them to a restaurant that was less busy. 

Wonder what’s the story behind the blue fox?

Eggs DeImonico (13) – wild smoked salmon, sautéed fresh spinach, sweet red onion & housemade fresh herb cream cheese
A friend who came here before mentioned that the eggs benny were better than those at L’Avenue in Montreal. I love their eggs benny with smoked benedict so the bar was set. The one from Blue Fox Café was decent. I’m trying to be critical but it’s hard when you enjoy hollandaise enough you wouldn’t mind drinking it from a cup. No, that’s disgusting of course I wouldn’t do that (in public…). But clearly, drenched in sauce (what do I do with that random sprig of parsley?), and awesome homefries, my cavewoman appetite was satisfied. Roll me outta here!

Island Eggs (7.50, bacon 2) – 2 large eggs with seasoned panfried potatoes, hot buttered toast & house-made fresh fruit jam. Nothing starts a lazy day better than crispy bacon. Happy times. 

Apples Charlotte toast (10) – 3 slices vanilla scented french, caramelized cinnamon & brown sugar Ambrosia apples, maple syrup. Yeah we finished racing so no holding back on the heavy foods now.

Fox’s Grill (13) – 3 local large eggs, 3 slices smoked bacon, 2 locally made pure pork savoury sausages, seasoned panfried potatoes, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hot buttered toast & fresh fruit jam
Seems like the grilled tomatoes are there so it doesn’t seem like such a heart attack on a plate. I wanna eat this every day. And hypothetically, I’d jog in the morning and workout in the evening too. And unicorns would exist in this world too. 

We attacked our food with such vigour (damnit, does anyone even use that word?). Then quickly slowed down—it was quite a heavy meal. And definitely a change from tasteless fibrous cereal (yeah, we went there) with skim milk and oatmeal packets that we’d been living on for the past week. We were so happy…haha 

My attempt at a dining room pan shot. 
Verdict: Let’s just say I’m really glad that we have some great breakfast/brunch options in Toronto or else I’d still be reminiscing about this meal at Blue Fox Café. This place is unpretentious, as a When I flipped through photos of this meal, I started planning my next brunch in the city…Rose and Sons! Who wants to join? :D

4 out of 5 NOMs
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