Victoria: Red Fish Blue Fish

Final day of racing: 200m races x 4. Distance-wise, very short but they are insane. Imagine exerting all your energy in 40-some seconds, it’s over before you even know it. After our races, we waited around for what seemed like hours (oh wait it was a few hours!) to find out if we qualified (top 5 teams in the country qualify to compete in Italy in 2014). Well, while we waited, we snacked on blackberries growing at the race site and eagerly anticipated this meal:

1006 Wharf St
Victoria, BC

Reservations: none (be prepared to line-up on sunny days)
Transit: short walk from Downtown core (7 min from hotel, Marriot Inner Harbour)
Hours: changes according to the season (check here)
(P.S. They’re closed for the season now but will reopen in February!)

The tiny cargo container you see off-centre? That's Red Fish Blue Fish. Very small operation.

Right on the pier, this little cargo container serves up Victoria’s best loved fish & chips. Oh deep fried goodness how long I’ve been waiting for you! When we arrive shortly after one in the afternoon, we’re absolutely famished! My friend warned me about this but I was still surprised by the line that snaked along the pier. When will we get to eat?!

(Insert ice cream break.) 

And we’re back. The line was still long but at least we had giant cones of ice cream to pass the time! 

There's counter seating so you can sit and enjoy both your food and the sights. :D A friend and I shared a few things. There was this seafood poutine, their famous (halibut) fish & chips, and a shrimp gazpacho (loved this! The heat was great, the tiny shrimp were sweet and succulent). 

The “gravy” wasn’t really my thing. It just reminded me of shrimp stock thickened with cornstarch or something the like. Side note, can't you just feel the warmth of the sun in this photo?! It was such a beautiful day...I miss summer!

Another friend had a tuna tacone (sorta like a wrap version of a taco). It’s hard to see but they gave a generous serving of grilled fish in there. 

FISH & CHIPS. Eyes glazed over, that crust is looking real good. Do I really have to share?! haha I’m no fish & chips expert but this is top notch stuff! Oh and did I mention, the entire time we were eating, one of the guys decided that it would be a good idea to feed his fries to the crows perched in front of us. Not cool Scott, he was attracting so many birds!

The Ocean Wise program, created by the Vancouver Aquarium obviously has a much stronger presence in the West Coast compared to Ontario but we’re coming around quickly. :) Next week, catch the Toronto installment of their annual Chowder Chowdown. Chefs competing with their best chowders, and you get to eat, drink, vote and support Ocean Wise. 

Verdict: It’s obvious why this little shack is such a hot spot—fresh fish cooked right. I’d take the ferry to Victoria from Vancouver any day just to bike around and have some more of the fish & chips and gazpacho. Oh, and to visit a close friend too of course…it’s not ALWAYS about food who do you think I am?! 
5 out of 5 NOMs
(Oh, and by the way, we did qualify. Yay! Although we ultimately decided against going…but at least we achieved this season’s goal). 
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