Victoria: The Soda Shoppe

When in a new place, do not do the touristy thing. Do not pretend you’re holding the pyramid outside Le Louvre. Do not stand in front of random monument whose history is lost on you and snap photos. Do not explore the city’s culinary scene through the hotel restaurant below your suite. And don’t you dare order room service when there’s a farmer’s market close by. Who am I kidding?!

Soda Shoppe
801 Government St.
Victoria, BC

 Reservations: not needed
Transit: walking distance from downtown core
Hours: everyday 9:30am – 9pm

Sometimes, you just have to do the touristy thing. Such as wandering into this ice cream shop for some fist face-sized cones of ice cream when you’re faced with a long lineup for food (at Red Fish Blue Fish). Yup, waiting for food, eat other food in the meantime. 

On one side, you can sit down and enjoy milkshakes in traditional parfait glasses. On the other, pop in for a two-scoop cone that proves to be too much for the waffle cone. (A friend tragically lost her barely touched cone to the ground…happy birthday to the ground. Wah.)

I’ll give it to them, cute looking menu! I didn’t really read it though because we were just there to grab some ice cream.

On the corner of a strip of tourist shops, this is definitely a tourist trap. And I loved every moment of it! It was just a fun time, sampling 4 to 6 types of ice cream before returning to our first choice.

This is considered one scoop. Yeah. Quite substantial = happy carmen. Oh, and happy Jess ;)

Salted caramel and chocolate? Looks about right and tasted fantastic.

Verdict: Like I said, sometimes you just gotta do the touristy thing. Biking around town is quite the tourist thing to do, but if you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, it ain’t that bad! This ice cream wasn’t anything special, but it hit the spot so right. :)

3 out of 5 NOMs
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