Richmond Station: Dessert Tasting

If you haven’t been to Richmond Station (@richmondstn) yet, call up a few friends, make reservations (save yourself the hour or more wait) and mark that date on your calendar with smiley faces and coloured sharpies--I did that mentally… Opened last October by chefs Carl Heinrich (@ChefHeinrich) & Ryan Donovan (@ryanPdonovan), Richmond Station is a farm-to-table restaurant that uses whole animals, makes their own charcuterie AND serves killer desserts thanks to their pastry chef, Farzam Fallah (@Farzam_Fallah). 

Richmond Station
1 Richmond St W
Financial District
Toronto, ON

Reservations: on their site  //  647 748 1444  //  reservations@richmondstation.ca (for larger grps)
Transit: 2-min walk from Queen station
Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am - 10:30pm, Sat 5pm - 1:30pm, Sun closed 

Almost a month ago—school has been a bit crazy I apologize for the lack of timely posts!—we had a mini girls’ night out at Richmond Station where we filled that second stomach of ours…the DESSERT stomach! During my first visit, I noticed the semi-private dining room tucked away in the back...well guess what, we got to sit there this time! 
It was an indulgent evening. They know how to treat you right (yes, thank you for making us feel welcomed from the minute we stepped through the doors!).

Dessert for dinner! While the dessert menu has since changed, these photos show the complexity of the desserts and the beautiful presentations that you can expect from Farzam.        

Course 1: Milk chocolate cheese cake - cranberry, salted chestnut, mint 
(Chocolate delice, chocolate pebbles, chocolate soil) 

Course 2: Butterscotch poached apple crumble - Ginger bread, walnuts, Wormwood ice cream

Course 3: Honey and milk Kulfi - Preserved peaches, Almond cake, Tonka panna cotta, 
Milk paper, Rosemary cure

Course 4: Blue chocolate mousse - Port jelly, Prunes, Stilton. 
(Chocolate mousse, Chocolate cake, Chocolate pudding) 

Course 5: Coconut cream - Blueberries, Fennel, Chocolate
(Coconut sorbet, Coconut cake, Coconut cream, Coconut power)

These came with the bill! 
Verdict: Why can’t we always have dessert for dinner?! We all had different favourites I’d recommend ordering multiple desserts (or just go with the entire dessert menu while you’re at it!). Hopefully, my photos were able to visually translate how good Farzam’s desserts were. Clearly, you need to experience it for yourself to really know. Dessert nay-sayers shall be converted. Can't wait to come back! :D 

Check ‘em out! http://richmondstation.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Just wondering if you ordered off the menu or this was a special tasting menu??

    1. oh shit, sorry for the super belated reply!! We called in for this dessert tasting. :D We were originally planning on just getting reservations and ordering all the desserts off the menu so you can do that too! ;)

  2. I'm planning to go sometime this month! I'm so excited!! Your photos look amazing. Out of curiosity, how much was it per person?