iYellow Wine Club: Spring Sippers

Wine. Can’t say I love it or really understand it but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued. Whenever I’m around people who know their wine, I soak up whatever information and tips they have to say. Thanks to them, I’ve come to acquire a better appreciation for wine! So when I started seeing a bunch of tweets and photos of tastings all at the same place I was eager to get more information. What’s this iYellow Wine Club (@iyellowwineclub)?


The Stop Night Market

Talk about one for the books! Last week's The Stop’s Night Market (@TheStopCFC) food fundraiser event in Honest Ed’s Alley has been running for 3 years now and is without a doubt one of the more popular, better run and highly anticipated ones out there. We’re talking so many people trying to get onto the universe ticket page that it crashed and tickets being sold out for the two-day event in less than TWO hours! The old dinky computer at the school where I was working didn’t stand a chance.


Pistachio and Blackberry Macarons

It’s been a long while since I’ve made macarons. To be perfectly honest, they sort of lost their appeal to me. It wasn’t until Macaron Day a couple of months ago that got my wheels turning again. Everyone was posting about their macaron haul and because I couldn’t make it downtown, I decided to make my own! Being so out of practice already, I figured why not make it more complicated by trying the recipe in the Bouchon Bakery cookbook? Because that sounds like a good idea.


Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Gluttony to the max. That’s what happened at Martin Picard’s (@CabanePDC) sugar shack a couple of months ago and I’m still dreaming and drooling whenever I think about that meal. A few of my friends are gonna be eating there this evening! I hope they're mentally prepared for the feast....they won't be eating breakfast tomorrow. I think you’ll see from the photos in this post that a meal here needs to be on your bucket list.


NYC! Battersby


I’m back in New York! Kidding, I wish. This is one the last dinner we had in New York, well Brooklyn really, before we flew back to Toronto the following afternoon. I wanted to explore a lot more of the “outer boroughs” of NYC this time around but this and Smorgasburg were the extent of that adventure. This day was supposed to be “Brooklyn/Carroll Gardens/Williamsburg” day but the timing didn’t work and the weather wasn’t cooperating either. Still, the day turned out to be a fun one and this meal turned out to be one of the highlights of the entire trip!


Canoe: Taste Québec

Canoe’s tastings are notoriously good and this one was no exception. Right now is a special time of the year in Québec, maple syrup season! The sap is “harvested” from maple trees that have been taped, then boiled to evaporate most of the water, leaving you with this beautiful amber syrup. Canada is known for its maple syrup, but we all know that the source of our pride comes from one province, Québec. Not only do they produce almost three quarters of the maple syrup wordwide, but that’s where the tradition of making it is best preserved. Sugar shacks / sugarbushes are used not only as the site of maple syrup production, but as a gathering place for family and friends to eat and enjoy the outdoors!


NYC! La Churreria

I have a few more NYC food adventures from December left to post—this one’s gonna be very very short. I hadn’t planned on taking my DSLR camera out at all this day for several reasons: a) it was the most food adventure-jammed day, meaning many quick stops for specific items, b) it was raining and I wanted to keep the camera out of the humidity, c) we were making some return trips to places I’d posted about in the past.


The Queen and Beaver Public House

It’s spring! Though from the view outside my windows, it looks anything but. Toronto’s been hit with an uncharacteristically harsh winter this year. How do you deal with it? You eat hibernation-worthy food. GAINS. I’d like to think of winter as bulking season…even though I really should never be bulking. Anyways, for your next cheat meal / big dinner, I’d strongly suggest this place: The Queen and Beaver Public House (@QueenBeaverPub).



  Two years after they’ve opened, I finally ate at Chantecler (@ChanteclerTO)! I’ve only ever heard good things about Chef/Co-owner Jonathan Poon and co-owner Jacon Wharton-Shukster’s Parkdale restaurant. Recently, their new Sunday lunch was causing quite the buzz—from the descriptions and photos I’ve seen, it’s very close to the Hong Kong-style lunch I grew up eating (and LOVING). I came here with a few friends for their “regular” à la carte menu. Read on for a short recount of our meal. Dine here once and you’ll be hooked. I know I am.


Vancouver! La Taqueria

Here goes, final post of my Victoria/Vancouver foodventures this past summer. Torontonians readily embrace (most) food trends—baos, cupcakes, doughnuts, craft beer. That of Mexican food/tacos is no exception. It’s been going strong for a couple of years now and shows no signs of stopping. In Vancouver, this taco trend isn’t hugely hot but there is ONE spot that jumps out, La Taqueria (@LaTaqueriaYVR).


Vancouver! Lucky’s Doughnuts

I’m trying to finish posting my summer adventures asap (one more after this!) so I can begin to catch up on the months since then til now. Definitely very grateful and thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to travel this summer and to spend it with some of the chillest friends! With a few meet ups to plan the Vancouver portion of our West coast trip, we had made a pretty solid itinerary complete with transit directions, ETA’s and blurbs for every planned activity and food outing. Of course the rain forced us to shift things around but having done the research before heading over, we still managed to hit up every “top priority” spot. Lucky's Doughnuts (@luckysdoughnuts) was an optional one but I now plan to return in the future!


Vancouver! Fable Kitchen

When we decided as a team that we’d move forward and compete at the Canadian National Dragon boat Championships (this process took a lot longer than I’d wish and there was so much nail-biting tension. Really hope everyone thought it was worth it!), I immediately started plotting our post-race meals. And hitting the gym harder than ever of course… Back to the food, besides knowing that I wanted to eat sushi and sashimi, Fable Kitchen (@fablerestaurant) and La Taqueria (@LaTaqueriaYVR) were the only two actual restaurants I had on my list. Good thing friends provided lots of recommendations. :D


Vancouver! Japadog

Am I in Vancouver right now, enjoying all the good foods and mild (in an awesome way because it just got so cold here) weather with mountains in the backdrop?! I wish. This is from last summer. When one thinks of Vancouver + street food, Japadog is most likely gonna be the FIRST place that comes to mind. We were such eager beavers that we got to the Waterfront location before it even opened!


NYC! Smorgasburg

 Food markets nowadays hold so much more than your typical famer’s market produce and various jarred jams, preserves and honey. There’s such a huge variety of foods, made by people who are genuinely enthusiastic about it with pretty much all of them hoping to grow their business beyond that folding trestle table. It’s exciting to go to food markets these days! There was the underground market in San Francisco (forage) that inspired the now two-year old “Toronto Underground Market”. Since we’re in New York City, time to check out their famous food market, Smorgasburg (@smorgasburg).


NYC! Bassanova Ramen

I’d say now’s about a good time to start blogging about some of our food adventures on our latest NYC food trip! For the first time, we didn’t just eat. Thanks to a friend who had never been to the city before, we did some touristy things…meaning some sightseeing and shopping. Let me clarify, we did NOT jump onto the cronut craze. That wouldn’t been two hours of our life gone, just waiting in line. We did however, eat ramen, kouign amann, seafood, pizza and contemplate those 20 nuggets for 5 bucks from McDonalds.


Coconut layer cake w/ fresh raspberries and lime curd

 Baking cakes is always a fun occasion because it’s for a celebratory event! In this case, a friend’s housewarming!! Or rather, condo-warming. It was a bunch of us from high school who were meeting up for a relaxed night of “potlucking” (which really meant lot of take-out containers), catching up, games and watching one of Louis CK’s special.


la carnita x noodle bar x home of the brave

From http://momofuku.tumblr.com/post/72584552821/lacarnita.
Last night saw a collab of epic proportion. That’s surely what the buzz leading up to the sold out event suggested, and the food yesterday definitely confirmed that. All three restaurants, Momofuku Noodle Bar, La Carnita (post) and Home of the Brave (post) serve up some serious food but understand that it’s okay to have fun doing so too. Boozy slushies, playful mash-ups of Mexican, Korean/Japanese/Chinese and American favourites entertained diners all night.


Vancouver: Go Fish

Oh the Vancouver food adventures continue! After Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria, we were on the lookout for another fish & chips joint. Just outside the famous Granville Market is Go Fish, a sort of seafood shack at Fisherman’s Wharf. They serve fish that they get right off the docks so freshness is undeniable.


Canoe Wild collaboration w/ Société Orignal and Derek Dammann

Yes, this dinner happened all the way back in November, what’s wrong with me why did it take me so long to post?!! To be honest, I got distracted and was looking for cool photos of pheasant feathers…then finals came along and my blog productivity plummeted as it happens at the end of every semester so I’ll try to post more before I disappear for a month in April. Speaking of school, I can’t believe I’m in my final semester now! Very scared for that “real world job search oh hello student loans coming back to haunt me” future that awaits me in June. But I digress...


Vancouver: Meat & Bread

 I’ve heard and read many rave reviews of Meat & Bread (@1meatandbread) while researching food spots in Vancouver. The time has finally come to try it for ourselves!! In my mind, the obvious comparison I would be making is Meat & Bread vs. Porchetta & Co. in Toronto due to their identical signature sandwiches. We came here for an afternoon snack after our “first” lunch at Kishimoto. Read more to see how I found this Vancouver sandwich shop. 


Vancouver: Kishimoto


So begins the last batch of summer food adventures in the West coast! After our stay in Victoria, six of us from the team had planned to explore Vancouver for five days before our flight back to Toronto. Planning it was a bit stressful but it turned out to be an awesome idea to head into it with google spreadsheets, maps, food lists, and a detailed itinerary. We were able to take full advantage of our time there!


Victoria: The Fish Store

Happy new year! I figured I'd begin the new year of food blogging by concluding a set of food adventures to bring some sort of closure to the wild ride that was last year. I've still got a bunch of posts to put up so January will be a busy month. :) Here's the last and probably most fun food adventure we had during our stay in Victoria last summer during Nationals (for dragonboat). Eating at The Fish Store in Fisherman's Wharf was probably the most anticipated meal during that entire week. It wasn’t just the food and atmosphere that made it special; it was the journey, literally.