la carnita x noodle bar x home of the brave

From http://momofuku.tumblr.com/post/72584552821/lacarnita.
Last night saw a collab of epic proportion. That’s surely what the buzz leading up to the sold out event suggested, and the food yesterday definitely confirmed that. All three restaurants, Momofuku Noodle Bar, La Carnita (post) and Home of the Brave (post) serve up some serious food but understand that it’s okay to have fun doing so too. Boozy slushies, playful mash-ups of Mexican, Korean/Japanese/Chinese and American favourites entertained diners all night.


Vancouver: Go Fish

Oh the Vancouver food adventures continue! After Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria, we were on the lookout for another fish & chips joint. Just outside the famous Granville Market is Go Fish, a sort of seafood shack at Fisherman’s Wharf. They serve fish that they get right off the docks so freshness is undeniable.


Canoe Wild collaboration w/ Société Orignal and Derek Dammann

Yes, this dinner happened all the way back in November, what’s wrong with me why did it take me so long to post?!! To be honest, I got distracted and was looking for cool photos of pheasant feathers…then finals came along and my blog productivity plummeted as it happens at the end of every semester so I’ll try to post more before I disappear for a month in April. Speaking of school, I can’t believe I’m in my final semester now! Very scared for that “real world job search oh hello student loans coming back to haunt me” future that awaits me in June. But I digress...


Vancouver: Meat & Bread

 I’ve heard and read many rave reviews of Meat & Bread (@1meatandbread) while researching food spots in Vancouver. The time has finally come to try it for ourselves!! In my mind, the obvious comparison I would be making is Meat & Bread vs. Porchetta & Co. in Toronto due to their identical signature sandwiches. We came here for an afternoon snack after our “first” lunch at Kishimoto. Read more to see how I found this Vancouver sandwich shop. 


Vancouver: Kishimoto


So begins the last batch of summer food adventures in the West coast! After our stay in Victoria, six of us from the team had planned to explore Vancouver for five days before our flight back to Toronto. Planning it was a bit stressful but it turned out to be an awesome idea to head into it with google spreadsheets, maps, food lists, and a detailed itinerary. We were able to take full advantage of our time there!


Victoria: The Fish Store

Happy new year! I figured I'd begin the new year of food blogging by concluding a set of food adventures to bring some sort of closure to the wild ride that was last year. I've still got a bunch of posts to put up so January will be a busy month. :) Here's the last and probably most fun food adventure we had during our stay in Victoria last summer during Nationals (for dragonboat). Eating at The Fish Store in Fisherman's Wharf was probably the most anticipated meal during that entire week. It wasn’t just the food and atmosphere that made it special; it was the journey, literally.