la carnita x noodle bar x home of the brave

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Last night saw a collab of epic proportion. That’s surely what the buzz leading up to the sold out event suggested, and the food yesterday definitely confirmed that. All three restaurants, Momofuku Noodle Bar, La Carnita (post) and Home of the Brave (post) serve up some serious food but understand that it’s okay to have fun doing so too. Boozy slushies, playful mash-ups of Mexican, Korean/Japanese/Chinese and American favourites entertained diners all night.

When photos surfaced on various instagram feeds, and Momofuku's tmblr page a month ago of dishes “in the works” for a “special event” coming up, I kept my eyes peeled for further news. As soon as word got out of the three-restaurant-one-night collaboration, I immediately began messaging groups of friends to try to peak their interest. In the end, with the help of an awesome possum friend, I was able to get reservations for 2 people. :D:D:D:D THANK YOU!!

The event took place at Noodle Bar, the first floor restaurant at Momofuku (Toronto). Staff from both La Carnita and Home of the Brave were there as well. We got great seats, not only were they at the rail by the kitchen, but we were right beside the pass too! Despite the number of people in the kitchen (front and back), the place was running like a well-oiled machine! If you didn’t recognize who’s from where, you’d think everyone worked together.
My friend and I got sorta ambitious when it came to ordering. But we just had a fitness test that morning! Many hours before...haha I suck at making up excuses. The entire menusounded so good it wasn’t easy to narrow down our choices. In the end, we ordered just enough to leave space for dessert. :D (Hey Jon! Chef Jon Hamilton is from both La Carnita & Home of the Brave)
Yeeeeaah. Plating dem ribs.

Buns. Crispy Pork Belly Bun + Char Sui Bo Saäm Bun + Halibut Cheek Bun (5 each)
So, so good. I could not get enough of the crispy pork belly bun!! 

Korean Cheeseburger Ramen (14)
I didn’t expect it to look like this. My first thought was, “where’s the cheese we were promised?!” Oh it’s there. All over in that sauce. After everything’s mixed together, it doesn’t make for the most visually-appealing dish but flavor-wise, so satisfying! Loved this mashup :D

Eagle’s Nest Ramen (14)
I’m ready for my perfect momofuku egg! The eagle’s nest idea was so witty, they used a deep fried taro’s nest as the base on which they rested a soft-boiled egg. Great combination of flavours and textures. We should’ve dug into this as soon as it came, while it was still hot and to temp. 

Smoked Chicken Bo Ssäm / Burrito? (14)
On the menu, I believe it was described as a bo ssäm? What came was more akin to a burrito, using a scallion pancake as the wrapper. Still, another winner here. 
There were these HUGE Côte de Boeuf Nacho Platters that came out of the kitchen (all pre-ordered). They looked like a feast I’d love to have…all the time. Such as right now as I’m typing this on campus in the library. Yum. (will post a photo in a bit)

Busy all night. Second floor nikai and seats overlooking Noodle Bar were packed as well!
I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo of the menu so the dish names are from memory. :D From all the photo-taking and happy peeps, I’d say this was a wildly successful event. Though it’s hard work to plan and pull off, chefs enjoy doing collaborations because it allows them more freedom in the kitchen. So next time you catch wind of a chefs’/restaurant collaboration, hop on it and grab tickets before it’s too late!
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