Vancouver: Go Fish

Oh the Vancouver food adventures continue! After Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria, we were on the lookout for another fish & chips joint. Just outside the famous Granville Market is Go Fish, a sort of seafood shack at Fisherman’s Wharf. They serve fish that they get right off the docks so freshness is undeniable.

1505 W 1st Ave
Granville Island/False Creek
Vancouver, BC

Reservations: none (but you can call them at 604 730 5040)
Transit: 8-minute walk from Granville Market
Hours*: Tues – Fri (11:30am-6:30pm), Sat – Sun (12pm-6:30pm) (Closed Mondays!)
*these were the Spring & Summer hours. I’m not sure entirely sure about the other seasons
Click HERE for the menu. :)

A friend of mine raved about the Oyster Po ‘Boy, recommending that over the popular fish & chips. I’ve reached the point with this friend where I’ll go into a restaurant blind (by that I mean not glancing at the menu online) just because he said I should go. :D Did I go wrong with trusting him for Go Fish?! Dun dun dun….

Pssh course not! If you didn’t know where Go Fish is, you’d miss it. Before you enter Granville Market, there’s a path to the side, leading to the wharf. Take it and you’ll be glad you did. 

When I say it’s a shack, it’s a shack. But that’s not even the best part. It’s just steps away from one of the most touristy areas yet manages to be calm and quiet. 

Besides seating right outside the shack, there is some communal seating off to the side. Check out the carvings! 

Halibut fish & chips (10) – served with Pacific Rim coleslaw, classic pomme frites and condiments
Homemade Granville Island Beer Batter
Surprisingly so-so compared to the fish & chips at Red Fish Blue Fish. 

Oyster Po’ Boy (9.5) – 3 still juicy BBQ local Oysters, shredded iceberg lettuce, chipotle crema, sweet onion and Gordo’s tartare sauce
Every bit as good as I’d expected…and more. The oysters were amazing. I’d like a plate of them please! You can see how juicy they were. This was a perfect sandwich. 

Salmon Tacone (5) – Grilled salmon, cilantro-spiked salsa, chipotle crema and our ‘slaw, rolled into a white-flour tortilla cone
Though this was solid as well, nothing could beat the Oyster Po’ Boy after we’d eaten it. Really enjoyed how fresh it was and the cilantro-spiked salsa gave the tacone the kick it needed. 

Thai curry fish chowder (5) 

Can I have this for lunch ALL THE TIME?!
Verdict: I’d go back in a heartbeat just for that oyster po’ boy. Go Fish fits in perfectly with the chill and scenic city that is Vancouver—I mean I love Toronto but you don’t get mountains in the backdrop when you shop! And on top of that, you can buy fresh salmon and side-stripped shrimp right off the boats on the wharf. :D

5 out of 5 NOMs
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