Vancouver: Kishimoto


So begins the last batch of summer food adventures in the West coast! After our stay in Victoria, six of us from the team had planned to explore Vancouver for five days before our flight back to Toronto. Planning it was a bit stressful but it turned out to be an awesome idea to head into it with google spreadsheets, maps, food lists, and a detailed itinerary. We were able to take full advantage of our time there!

2054 Commercial Drive
The Drive
Vancouver, B.C.

Reservations: no reservations (walk-ins welcome & take-out), 604 255-5550
Transit: 5-min walk from Commercial Drive skytrain station
Hours: Fri-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, Tues-Sun 5pm-9:45pm

To maximize day one, we left our Victoria hotel early in the morning and boarded the ferry to Vancouver prepared with the remaining instant oat packets leftover from our race prep breakfasts. Hey, laugh at me now but just wait until you see the price of the food onboard! And it’s not a short 15-minute ferry like that from Downtown Toronto to the Island, no, it takes 3 hours. 

Needless to say, when we finally arrived at the house where our host family lived, we were ready for some real food. A short 3-minute walk from our “home”, Kishimoto on Commercial Drive. How perfect! Oh wait, it’s only perfect because we planned it out that way. Okay, I’m done gloating—we did put a lot of thought into our itinerary so it was rewarding to have things run smoothly. :D 

To secure your spot in the queue, you simply write your name and party size down and wait. There’s isn’t much else you can do. 

Good thing they have their entire lunch specials menu posted outside on a big chalkboard. While we patiently waited for our name to be called, we gushed over what we should eat. 

I totally thought all of us were going the sushi / sashimi route…turns out udon won over half the table. 

A couple of friends ordered some salmon and tuna sashimi. It arrived on an ice block. I was so impressed by this attention to the ingredients! 

Toro (fatty tuna belly) caught my eye; must order a piece! It wasn’t quite as fatty as I would’ve preferred. Still, quite silky and definitely very fresh. 

Check out my Sushi & Sashimi Special bento box! It wasn’t too pricey either considering the quality of the fish, only $12.95. We all agreed that we should come back later if we ran out of dinner ideas. 

 Barside sometimes offers the best seats in the house!

Verdict: The lunch specials are very affordable and the entire experience was positive. The lunchtime crowd does move quickly, they go in, order, eat then leave so even if you have to wait, unless you’re an awkward group of five like we were, you won’t have to wait too long for a table or bar seats. Bonus, they got an honourable mention in the Best Casual Japanese category!

Check ‘em out! Kishimoto's facebook page

4 out of 5 NOMs
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