Vancouver: Meat & Bread

 I’ve heard and read many rave reviews of Meat & Bread (@1meatandbread) while researching food spots in Vancouver. The time has finally come to try it for ourselves!! In my mind, the obvious comparison I would be making is Meat & Bread vs. Porchetta & Co. in Toronto due to their identical signature sandwiches. We came here for an afternoon snack after our “first” lunch at Kishimoto. Read more to see how I found this Vancouver sandwich shop. 

370 Cambie St.
Vancouver, B.C.

Reservations: none (604 566 9003) // But you can order online & pick-up at Pender location
Transit: 5-min walk from Waterfront Skytrain Station
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 am – 5 pm (Sunday CLOSED)

There are two locations, both with slightly differing hours and specials. We were thinking of visiting both but ended up going to this location twice. 

They post their specials online on twitter every day. Too bad we were too late for today’s special of Dijon Roasted Lamb. :( That’s fine, there’s still their famous Porchetta sandwich and the meatball sandwich. 

Hi! Normally, if you ask politely for permission, the owners/managers/chefs will be more than happy to let you snap photos. Just remember to stay respectful of the space and other diners! Bonus is when people smile for you  :D 

They were on triple D! (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). Chef Joe Sartor shows Guy Fieri how the Porchetta Sandwich is made. :D

This is the kind of crack we like. Crispy pork skin. Come at me! No really…I want it all please. 

Love the magnetic strip of knives in the back. That’s not menacing at all. I’d love to have that in my kitchen but I don’t have good knives to display. Besides a few Henckels knives, my favourite knife is a scalloped santouku knife from Canadian Tire--it’s THAT bad. 

If you enjoy their sauces enough, you can pick up their Mustard, Sambal Sauce and Salt rub. They'd make for great souvenirs! 

It wasn’t long after our late lunch at Kishimoto so the three of us shared a couple of sandwiches. Armed with a knife, we quickly divided them and dug in. 

Porchetta (8) – salsa verde, crackling
Love love love. I like that every element in this sandwich has a role to play; crunch, meat, fat, flavour punch. It’s a “simple” sandwich and it delivers. 

Meatball sandwich (8) – house sambal, grana padano (a type of cheese)
That sauce! I just want to dunk dip the bread in it. My friend insisted that I check out Meat & Bread for their Porchetta sandwich but this is just as good! I could definitely see why it’s a mainstay on the menu. 

(Bacon) Ice Cream Sandwich (4)
We were all gushing about this!! Beta Five, you guys are amazing. We made a note to visit their shop but the timing didn’t work out. (Must check them out next time!!). I will never tire of the salty/savoury-sweet combination. Bacon ice cream can be a bit gimmicky these days but this was anything but. :D 

I think this was taken from Canada Place? Anyways, this is North Van where a couple days later, we found ourselves doing the Grouse Grind. 
Verdict: If you’re already a fan of Meat & Bread, then you know what’s good. If you’re in Vancouver, it’s worth a visit…or two (the one at Pender does take-out! So grab a few sandwiches, bus over to Stanley Park and you’ve got yourself a picnic! Well, sorta). Service is friendly and quick. Beware of the lunchtime rush.

Check ‘em out! http://meatandbread.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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