Vancouver! Fable Kitchen

When we decided as a team that we’d move forward and compete at the Canadian National Dragon boat Championships (this process took a lot longer than I’d wish and there was so much nail-biting tension. Really hope everyone thought it was worth it!), I immediately started plotting our post-race meals. And hitting the gym harder than ever of course… Back to the food, besides knowing that I wanted to eat sushi and sashimi, Fable Kitchen (@fablerestaurant) and La Taqueria (@LaTaqueriaYVR) were the only two actual restaurants I had on my list. Good thing friends provided lots of recommendations. :D


Vancouver! Japadog

Am I in Vancouver right now, enjoying all the good foods and mild (in an awesome way because it just got so cold here) weather with mountains in the backdrop?! I wish. This is from last summer. When one thinks of Vancouver + street food, Japadog is most likely gonna be the FIRST place that comes to mind. We were such eager beavers that we got to the Waterfront location before it even opened!


NYC! Smorgasburg

 Food markets nowadays hold so much more than your typical famer’s market produce and various jarred jams, preserves and honey. There’s such a huge variety of foods, made by people who are genuinely enthusiastic about it with pretty much all of them hoping to grow their business beyond that folding trestle table. It’s exciting to go to food markets these days! There was the underground market in San Francisco (forage) that inspired the now two-year old “Toronto Underground Market”. Since we’re in New York City, time to check out their famous food market, Smorgasburg (@smorgasburg).


NYC! Bassanova Ramen

I’d say now’s about a good time to start blogging about some of our food adventures on our latest NYC food trip! For the first time, we didn’t just eat. Thanks to a friend who had never been to the city before, we did some touristy things…meaning some sightseeing and shopping. Let me clarify, we did NOT jump onto the cronut craze. That wouldn’t been two hours of our life gone, just waiting in line. We did however, eat ramen, kouign amann, seafood, pizza and contemplate those 20 nuggets for 5 bucks from McDonalds.


Coconut layer cake w/ fresh raspberries and lime curd

 Baking cakes is always a fun occasion because it’s for a celebratory event! In this case, a friend’s housewarming!! Or rather, condo-warming. It was a bunch of us from high school who were meeting up for a relaxed night of “potlucking” (which really meant lot of take-out containers), catching up, games and watching one of Louis CK’s special.