Coconut layer cake w/ fresh raspberries and lime curd

 Baking cakes is always a fun occasion because it’s for a celebratory event! In this case, a friend’s housewarming!! Or rather, condo-warming. It was a bunch of us from high school who were meeting up for a relaxed night of “potlucking” (which really meant lot of take-out containers), catching up, games and watching one of Louis CK’s special.

Of course I offered to bring dessert so I couldn’t disappoint. Pressure! I have a tub of fondant that I’d been meaning to play around with so I figured, why not? What better occasion than now? CAKE. 

I’ve baked coconut cakes before (such as here, here, and sorta here) so I wanted to change things up. Coconut is rich so to cut the richness, I figured lime curd would be a good idea. Then raspberries to bring some freshness and colour when you cut the cake. 

Cake batter. You not only want to incorporate a lot of air when you cream the butter and sugar, but you want to keep as much of it as possible so mix carefully when you incorporate the dry ingredients. 

By using wax paper to line the pans, unmoulding the cakes is easy and clean. 

I put some coconut milk in the cake batter but to make sure the coconut flavor doesn’t get lost, I made a sort of coconut cream using coconut flakes, more coconut milk, milk, cornstarch, sugar, a bit of vanilla and a pinch of salt. 

The lime curd, I used my regular lemon curd recipe but substituted it with lime zest and juice. 

Almost ready to assemble zee cake! In order for the fondant to stick to the cake, you need to slather some sort of buttercream onto the sides and top of the cake. The term for it is “dirty icing”. A thin layer will do the trick. 

Room temperature butter + icing sugar + a splash of milk. 

Assembly time: my fave! This always reminds me of watching bakers and pastry chefs assembly cakes on tv (well…celebrity chefs most of the time). And then there’s also the memory of 7-year old me, going to Fortinos with my parents on the weekend and I’d have my face glued to the glass where on the other side, a lady would be doing her thang, slapping icing onto cakes and deftly writing birthday wishes using a small piping bag. I’d think to myself, “when I grow up, I want to work here and make cakes!!” 

This was what I was nervous about. I don’t have a fondant smoothing tool so I just used whatever object I found in the kitchen that had a flat surface. I bought white (Satin Ice—supposedly it’s one of the “best” ones out there) vanilla fondant so that it’s more versatile. I already have gel colours and with those, compared to liquid food colouring, a little goes a LONG way. 

I overestimated the amount of fondant I’d need to cover the cake but better that then not rolling out enough! Hopefully you see where I was going with this? The colours…the “tile” in the middle, the green house?! 
Yes, it's Monopoly!! The green hotel, blue for Boardwalk and/or Park Place?! :D I think only one person got it. :( I was rushing a lot to finish the cake but I don’t think it’s beyond recognition. I promise next time I’ll nail it. ;D


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