Vancouver! Japadog

Am I in Vancouver right now, enjoying all the good foods and mild (in an awesome way because it just got so cold here) weather with mountains in the backdrop?! I wish. This is from last summer. When one thinks of Vancouver + street food, Japadog is most likely gonna be the FIRST place that comes to mind. We were such eager beavers that we got to the Waterfront location before it even opened!

Waterfront Station
Granville St and Cordova St
Downtown, Vancouver

Reservations: hah! Nah, this is a street food cart!
Transit: this particular location is just outside the Waterfront Skytrain Station
Hours: I couldn’t find reliable information about this! :(
For their other locations, check on their site!

We finished competing at nationals in Victoria a couple days beforehand so no more watching what we eat!! MUAHAHAHAHA Street meat come at me! Well, their all-natural Berkshire pork sausage ain’t mystery meat in the least.

Japadog was originally supposed to be a sidewalk crêpe stand but Noriki Tamura and his wife, Misa faced tough street-vendor regulations. I think we’re all thankful that they decided to tough it out and ultimately, they changed up the street meet game with their Japanese hot dogs! From their beginnings in 2005, they’re now at five locations including a bricks and mortar location (they’ve also expanded to NYC!), and customers that come from all over. Now if only they’d expand to Toronto.   
Bourdain checks out Japadog during an episode of No Reservations.

I want everything!! We ended up splitting 3 between the six of us since there was a lot more food to come. Despite that, I think we wished we had a WHOLE one rather than two bites of each. They were so delicious…well worth the hype in my opinion! That was such a relief because there have been times when you hear about how good a place is only to be disappointed—you almost wish you didn’t hear anything about it and went it without expectations. 

JAPADOG WAS SO GOOD. I sound like a preteen girl fawning over boy bands. Whatever just wait til you have one and if you have grabbed hot dogs from there, then you know what I’m talking about! All of us had that wide-eye “why is this so good?!” look on our faces as we stood in a circle, passing the hot dogs around.

Beef Terimayo – teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed
This is their signature hot dog. Simple but so good. 

Oroshi – freshly grated radish with a special soya sauce. “East meets West”
Love the radish!! What a good combination of toppings. Raw scallions are not normally my thing but it’s good here!

Okonomi – juicy Kurobuta sausage topped with bonito flakes
­­I’d say this was my favourite. Bonito flakes are always fun, what with them fluttering in the heat.  
Verdict: Let’s face it, you don’t eat street meat for their “gourmet” factor so while the sausages were even more amazing than usual, the toppings were what made them over the tops for me. They have “plain hotdog” options but no one goes to Japadog for a regular dog. You gotta go with the specialty dogs!

Check ‘em out!   http://www.japadog.com/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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