NYC! La Churreria

I have a few more NYC food adventures from December left to post—this one’s gonna be very very short. I hadn’t planned on taking my DSLR camera out at all this day for several reasons: a) it was the most food adventure-jammed day, meaning many quick stops for specific items, b) it was raining and I wanted to keep the camera out of the humidity, c) we were making some return trips to places I’d posted about in the past.


The Queen and Beaver Public House

It’s spring! Though from the view outside my windows, it looks anything but. Toronto’s been hit with an uncharacteristically harsh winter this year. How do you deal with it? You eat hibernation-worthy food. GAINS. I’d like to think of winter as bulking season…even though I really should never be bulking. Anyways, for your next cheat meal / big dinner, I’d strongly suggest this place: The Queen and Beaver Public House (@QueenBeaverPub).



  Two years after they’ve opened, I finally ate at Chantecler (@ChanteclerTO)! I’ve only ever heard good things about Chef/Co-owner Jonathan Poon and co-owner Jacon Wharton-Shukster’s Parkdale restaurant. Recently, their new Sunday lunch was causing quite the buzz—from the descriptions and photos I’ve seen, it’s very close to the Hong Kong-style lunch I grew up eating (and LOVING). I came here with a few friends for their “regular” à la carte menu. Read on for a short recount of our meal. Dine here once and you’ll be hooked. I know I am.


Vancouver! La Taqueria

Here goes, final post of my Victoria/Vancouver foodventures this past summer. Torontonians readily embrace (most) food trends—baos, cupcakes, doughnuts, craft beer. That of Mexican food/tacos is no exception. It’s been going strong for a couple of years now and shows no signs of stopping. In Vancouver, this taco trend isn’t hugely hot but there is ONE spot that jumps out, La Taqueria (@LaTaqueriaYVR).


Vancouver! Lucky’s Doughnuts

I’m trying to finish posting my summer adventures asap (one more after this!) so I can begin to catch up on the months since then til now. Definitely very grateful and thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to travel this summer and to spend it with some of the chillest friends! With a few meet ups to plan the Vancouver portion of our West coast trip, we had made a pretty solid itinerary complete with transit directions, ETA’s and blurbs for every planned activity and food outing. Of course the rain forced us to shift things around but having done the research before heading over, we still managed to hit up every “top priority” spot. Lucky's Doughnuts (@luckysdoughnuts) was an optional one but I now plan to return in the future!