The Queen and Beaver Public House

It’s spring! Though from the view outside my windows, it looks anything but. Toronto’s been hit with an uncharacteristically harsh winter this year. How do you deal with it? You eat hibernation-worthy food. GAINS. I’d like to think of winter as bulking season…even though I really should never be bulking. Anyways, for your next cheat meal / big dinner, I’d strongly suggest this place: The Queen and Beaver Public House (@QueenBeaverPub).

35 Elm St
Downtown Core

Reservations: 647 347 2712  /  jamieson@queenandbeaverpub.ca
Transit: 3-min walk north of Dundas Station
Hours: Mon – Fri (lunch, 11:30am-3pm), Sat – Sun (brunch, 10am-3pm), Mon – Sat (dinner, 3pm-11pm), Sun (dinner, 3pm-10pm), Sunday Feasting Menu (5pm-9pm)

From the photos I see online, the space is really cozy! I didn’t walk around the restaurant because we were seated in a semi private dining room that was a straight shot from the doors. For all the sports fans, there are 2 bars and a sports screening room upstairs! In the summer, you can chill out on their 2 patios as well.

#TeamBurgerEaters unite! Once again, just like last time at Bestellen, we were sidetracked by the “family-style” meal offering (check out their feasting menu here). It’s been awhile since we’ve actually eaten burgers together.

Big thanks to Joe for organizing this one. :D We had a veritable feast that evening. Because of our big group (I think we were 12), we were able to split two feasting menus by ordering 6 portions of each: the Venison Stew and Dumplings ($24pp) and the Roast Rib Eye of Bison ($36pp).

Amazing. The servers came around a few times at the beginning, asking if we wanted to order a few apps before the main show. We looked at the menu, some things looked pretty good, but we were hungry and wanted to get straight to the MEAT.

The Venison Stew and Dumplings arrived first in an impressive Le Creuset dutch oven. 

Sides of veggies came next and was closely followed by the Roast Rib Eye of Bison. After some frantic photo-taking (there were 5 food bloggers at the table…), it was finally time to chow down!


For a bunch of ravenous diners, we were so civil! Distributed the dishes between everyone before we dug in. :D Here's was my plate. Oof the bison was so good. The venison stew and dumplings were a good compliment but the bison was the best part for me.

Too bad the feasting menus don’t include dessert. No matter, we’ll order our own! The dessert menu has two categories: puddings and ice cream. Bahaha So British! Anyways, a bunch of us ordered different desserts. The sticky toffee pudding is classic and always a crowd pleasure. It didn’t make sense to order desserts for the whole table so instead, we just paired up to get our sweet tooth fix on! These next desserts were shared between 4 of us.

Spotted Dick w/ citrus & crème anglaise (8)
Cue the dirty jokes. I’d say our group was really tame…had I been with my friends from dragonboat, the comments would’ve gotten a lot more inappropriate. What it actually is, is a pudding with dried fruit in it (currants in this case) served with custard. I enjoyed the citrus in there.

Sticky Toffee Pudding & Vanilla Ice Cream (8)
Classic. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one. This one was no exception. As far as I know, the ice creams are all made in-house.

Tafferty Pie w/ Cinnamon Ice Cream (8)
Another dessert that we didn’t recognize on paper. As far as it looks, it seemed to be a layered apple pie with a sweet piecrust. Perfect texture. I really liked how the apple slices still had some bite to them and weren’t mushy. The cinnamon ice cream is smart! This I could’ve had it all to myself. And to be more secretive about how much of a fatty I am at heart, I’ll probably make it at home and eat it in secret with the fam. No one will know about how I’ll bake two tafferty pies and ate one by myself! MUAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHA HANDSOME!! (<-- get="" me="" p="" please="" reference.="" tell="" that="" you="">
Verdict: As far as family-style meals go, the ones at The Queen and Beaver aren’t as embellished by sides but they cook the meat very well and that’s the point. They were very organized and prompt so no hangry outbursts from any of us. The space is cozy, quiet—tucked away just off of the busiest intersection of Yonge. I’d certainly recommend you check them out! I’m sure he gets the same questions a dozen times a day but the server was still very patient in explaining the puddings to us (THANKS!).

Check ‘em out!  http://queenandbeaverpub.ca/

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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