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Here goes, final post of my Victoria/Vancouver foodventures this past summer. Torontonians readily embrace (most) food trends—baos, cupcakes, doughnuts, craft beer. That of Mexican food/tacos is no exception. It’s been going strong for a couple of years now and shows no signs of stopping. In Vancouver, this taco trend isn’t hugely hot but there is ONE spot that jumps out, La Taqueria (@LaTaqueriaYVR).

2549 Cambie st. 

Reservations: none (that I know of) // 604 558 2549 
Transit: Across the street from Broadway-City Hall Station
Hours: Mon – Sat (11am-8:30pm), Sun CLOSED
**Other location in Hastings. // Also, they cater!

Opened in 2009, La Taqueria is all about recreating the casual nature of pinche taco stands in Mexico in Vancouver. That’s not to say that the quality is “casual” as well, far from it. Good food takes time; it’s true in humble street tacos and it’s true here. As they’ve put it on their site, they use “traditional recipe with local, organic and sustainable products.” On top of all that, they have great specials that you’ll find on their twitter account. 

We passed by this location of La Taqueria a few times on our way to other eats before we finally had the chance to sit down and have light lunch here. 4 meat tacos for under 10 bucks?! 

The menu is quite simple and straightforward. As with all small menus, it’s hard not to want it all. 

Seating is limited (I don’t think this even any at the Hastings location though) but people eat quickly. We were there less than half an hour and saw a steady stream of customers coming in and out of the restaurant. Most people seem to do take-out so it La Taqueria—the convenience of it across the street from the skytrain station can’t be denied.  

What goes well with tacos? BEER. Yes, they’re licensed as well. I love how the cactus plant is just chilling in the corner, ready to greet you when you enter the restaurant. Cute.

The following are the tacos that I ordered:
De Lengua – braised beef tongue
De Cachete – braised beef cheeks
Carnitas – pork confit w/ pickled red onion
Birria (special of the day) – free range lamb taco 

No beer for me. I’m all over the Mexican soda. I’m a huge fan of fizzy drinks…as unhealthy as that may be. Guilty pleasure I guess. The mandarin one was great; fizzy, citrusy but not too sweet. It sorta whets your appetite for MORE TACOS! :D Perfect. 

The Jaritos caps nailed along the rim of the tables are a fun touch. I love the colour palette of La Taqueria—pastels punctuated with bold colours plates (they reminded me of frisbees…). Then there’s the tacos themselves; beautiful. We’re talking textures and flavours that all work well together. 

The double (soft) tortillas is quite necessary to hold the juices—well most of it. 

Verdict: You must go. Simple as that. Some tacos were more successful than others but considering you’ll most likely order at least 4 (and leave wanting more), there will be some that stand out more than others. I don’t think any of us ordered vegetable tacos…meat’s where it’s at! Four meat tacos comes up to around $10 whereas four vegetable ones would be $8.  

Check ‘em out! http://lataqueria.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. La Taqueria is all about recreating the casual nature of pinch taco stands in Mexico in Vancouver. So why not to visit such a magical place?