Vancouver! Lucky’s Doughnuts

I’m trying to finish posting my summer adventures asap (one more after this!) so I can begin to catch up on the months since then til now. Definitely very grateful and thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to travel this summer and to spend it with some of the chillest friends! With a few meet ups to plan the Vancouver portion of our West coast trip, we had made a pretty solid itinerary complete with transit directions, ETA’s and blurbs for every planned activity and food outing. Of course the rain forced us to shift things around but having done the research before heading over, we still managed to hit up every “top priority” spot. Lucky's Doughnuts (@luckysdoughnuts) was an optional one but I now plan to return in the future!

2902 Main Street
Mount Pleasant/Main Street

Reservations: nope, but you can order doughnuts online! / 604 872 4901 / info@luckysdoughnuts.com
Transit: 99 Bus from Broadway-City Hall station or Commercial station
Hours: Mon-Sat (7am-10pm), Sun & holidays (8am-9pm)
*Other location in Kitsilano at 2198 West 4th Avenue

What goes perfectly with doughnuts? Coffee! So it’s no surprise that Lucky's Doughnuts was opened by the team behind 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. These doughnuts are made by-hand, from scratch throughout the day. As the story goes, Lucky’s was a 5-year project that culminated on a June morning a couple of years ago when doors opened to a unique coffee shop where you can sip on coffee from that signature robin blue packet (by a fireplace! Oooh haha) and enjoy one of the over dozen doughnuts available. 

And then there are the feature flavours! Check twitter for news. On their site, what really stood out was the orange honey pistachio. Must have! Besides that, I was up for anything else. :D There’s plenty of space to sit, chat (enjoy the wifi—I know you’re all wondering about that!!). 

Even with 9 doughnut flavours available on the day we went, it wasn’t easy choosing just a few to snack on. 

Simply irresistible! Besides the coffee being of serious quality, you can’t deny how cute these cups and saucers are!

It’s a good thing our coffee scene (which just improved with Boxcar Social's coffee flights) and doughnut scene are both worthy of envy. Definitely rivals those in Vancouver. :) 

Lucky’s Doughnuts by 49th Parallel Coffee is very warm and welcoming. Now time to eat!

We split 4 doughnuts between the three of us. 

Salted Caramel – classic old fashioned dipped in a creamy caramel and finished with maldon salt
I don’t think you can go wrong with the classic salty sweet combination; in this case, maldon salt + caramel. Good as expected but there was a doughnut that topped this ;)

Lemon Bismarck –Bismarck filled with lemon curd and covered in granulated sugar

I LOVE LEMON (I realize sound like a broken record player every time I say that). Also, what’s a “Bismarck”? If you knew already, well good for you because I didn’t! I just saw “lemon” and my eyes glazed over…so later, I read that it’s a yeast doughnut filled with a jelly and topped with icing. It was a conventional doughnut, nothing mind blowing.

Apple Bacon Fritter – apple and bacon, topped with a maple glaze and even more bacon
Maple + bacon has become THE Canadian flavour combo. Very complementary savoury-sweet flavours. 

Orange Honey Pistachio – old-fashioned cake base topped with honey glaze and roasted pistachios
This is THE doughnut that took the cake for us. Get it? It’s CAKE doughnut! Okay, I’ll stop there, leave the terrible doughy puns to someone else better glazed for it. They’re pretty bad aren’t they? Haha More to the point, this was a fantastic doughnut! Original, crunchy, delicious. 

Verdict: Like kids in a candy shop, my friends and I were all giggly as we tasted and passed the doughnuts around. We were all in consensus that the orange honey pistachio was our favourite. Looking online now, there are some flavours that are very eye-catching—think coconut Bismarck, mango square and the PB&J! When in Vancouver, go check out one of the two locations.

4 out of 5 NOMs
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