about me

CARMENHUNGRY?! Carmen always hungry.

Food. Anytime. Anywhere.

The world of food is so broad that no one can explore it alone; so here’s to sharing!

My name is Carmen, and I am a food addict (or "foodie" in prettier terms) ;D

I'm a university student studying to become a French teacher and so far, I'm loving it!
With all this food loving, it's also imperative that I move my butt and exercise, so I try to tank it in the dragonboat department. If I could tie everything together, teaching + food + French + dragonboat + music, into a career, I'd be living my dream.

Thanks for stopping by! :D  (check out my daily ramblings on twitter!)
Please, please, please enjoy the photos as they do the chefs/restaurants more justice than my words.

If you've got any questions or inquiries, please shoot me an email: carmenhungry@gmail.com

(I'm more than eager to cover events!)

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