at the table

Adventures at the table!

Gloucester Bakery
Gourmet Burger Co.
Grand Electric
great burger kitchen
grindhouse burger bar
Guu Izakaya!
Guu Sakabar (1st visit , 2nd visit)
Harbord Bakery
Harlem East 
Hogtown Pub & Oyster 
Hollywood Gelato 
Holy Chuck Burger 
Holy Chuck Burger Challenge!
Home of the Brave
Hoof Café 
I Cook Buffet
iYellow Wine Club
Johnny's Charbroiled Hamburgers
Keriwa Cafe
King's Noodle Restaurant
la carnita (second post)
Leslieville Cheese Market
LUMA (summerlicious) 
Marben with DiningDateNight
Marben (& Dufflet)
Marble Slab Creamery
Mashion Bakery
Mickey's Pizza
Mildred's Temple Kitchen 
momofuku daishō 
momofuku milk bar (toronto) 
Nikada Sushi Robata  (heard it closed down..sketch/sad)
Nota Bene w/ DiningDateNight 
The Olde Yorke Fish & Chips
Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill on Front 
Parts & Labour 
Abbey's Kitchen Stadium: Battle 3
AGO: Florence at FRANK 
Bestellen suckling pig 
BOXED Toronto 
Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon
Canoe wild collaboration dinner w/ Société-Orignal
Canoe Wild collaboration dinner w/ Société-Orignal & Derek Hammann/Maison Publique
Canoe: Taste Berry 
Canoe: Taste Québec
Chef's Challenge: Cookie Battle pre-event
Daily Bread's Ultimate Food Challenge 
Death Row Meals: Olde Hunters Feast II 
Death Row Meals: Youngblood 
The Gabardine (burger)
Group of & Chefs: Diary Dinner ft. Matt Jennings 
Happy Thanksgiving: The Angel Foundation for Learning 
Happy Two Years to CARMENHUNGRY! 
Hogtown Pub & Oyster Grand Opening
iYellow Wine Club: Spring Sippers
La Carnita x Noodle Bar x Home of the Brave
LegsAndTie presented by YVF Organic at Edulis 
Let's Go To The Ex! 
L'Ouvrier Chef Appreciation night: Nick auf der Maeur of Porchetta & Co. 
Magnum Gold?! 
Marben Sunday Pigroast  
Oliver & Bonacini Tasting!
Queen and Beaver Public House
Review: Entre les Bras (Step Up To The Plate)
Richmond Station: Dessert Tasting
The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Summerlicious LUMA 
tasteUS launch
The Stop Night Market
Tweetup: Red Fish restaurant 
Winterlicious: The Tempered Beast 
Yakitori Bar Media Launch Party

3 Days in Kingston!
En route pour l'aéroport
France! Day 1: Continental Pub
France! Day 2: Via Roma
France! Day 5: La Grignotine
France! Day 6: Pain chèvre
France! Day 7: César Sandwich
France! Day 7: Hardouin Boulanger
France! Day 7: Marché des Halles
France! Day 8: Croissant & Pain Chocolat
France! Day 8: Marché Rabelais
France! Day 11: Château Chenonceau & Cave de Vouvray
France! Day 11: Patisserie Artisanale
France! Day 12: Bastille Day
France! Day 13: Chouchou
France! Day 14: Breizh Café
France! Day 14: Pozzetto
France! Day 14: Robert & Louise
France! Day 27: Robert & Louise, la deuxième fois!
France! Day 30: Confiserie Bachmann (Switzerland)
France! Day 32: Le Relais de l'Hôtel de Ville
France! Day 32: Poilâne
France! Day 35: Brussels
France! Day 36: Amsterdam, Holland
France! Day 36: Mannekin Pis in Amsterdam!
France! Day 37: Gaffel am Dom in Cologne, Germany
France! Day 39: Comme à Lisbonne
France! Day 39: Pozzetto à emporter!
France! Day 40: Georges Larnicol
France! Day 40: J'Go
France! Day 40: PAUL

Food Trip: New York City (dec 27-30 2013)
Bassanova Ramen
La Churreria

Food Road Trip: New York City (aug 28-31 2012)
NYC II! Day 1: BaoHaus
NYC II! Day 1: Sik Gaek Restaurant
NYC II! Day 2: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
NYC II! Day 2: butter lane 
NYC II! Day 2: fonda nolita
NYC II! Day 2; Ken & Cook
NYC II! Day 2: Russ & Daughters
NYC II! Day 3: Crif Dogs
NYC II! Day 3: Doughnut Plant
NYC II! Day 3: momofuku milk bar
NYC II! Day 3: momofuku ssäm bar
NYC II! Day 3: Takashi

Food Road Trip: New York City (aug 18-22 2011)
New York City!
NYC! Day 1: Five Guys 
NYC! Day 1: Sik Gaek Korean Cuisine  
NYC! Day 1: Max & Mina's Ice Cream 
NYC! Day 2: Doughnut Plant 
NYC! Day 2: Grimaldi's Pizzeria
NYC! Day 2: Katz's Delicatessen 
NYC! Day 2: Jacques Torres Chocolates 
NYC! Day 2: Eataly New York 
NYC! Day 2: 7/11 Slurpee!! 
NYC! Day 3: Bouchon Bakery 
NYC! Day 3: Café Habana To-go 
NYC! Day 3: Momofuku Milk Bar 
NYC! Day 3: Momofuku Ssäm Bar 
NYC! Day 3: Sylvia's 
NYC! Day 4: Bonchon Chicken
NYC! Day 4: Chelsea Market 
NYC! Day 4: Levain Bakery 
NYC! Day 4: Serendipity 3 

Victoria/Vancouver 2013
Blue Fox Café 
Ferris' Upstairs Oyster
Red Fish Blue Fish 
Sushi Matsuri 
The Fish Store 
The Soda Shoppe 
West Coast Waffles 

Fable Kitchen
Go Fish
Lucky's Doughnuts